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Enterprise performance management


With proper resource planning we will improve the coordination between the available resources, processes and information flow in your company. We will work on cost reduction by optimizing resources’ value. We will boost your performance by optimizing the production schedules and increasing the productivity.

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Our analyzes of manufacturing plants in Bulgaria show that Planning Departments work with an average efficiency of:
Operating with current management tools and with 50% efficiency of the Planning Department, your expected output can rise in total with no more than:
By applying our methodology for Enterprise resource planning, we can increase the efficiency of your Planning Department up to:
Once the efficiency of Planning Department reaches 80%, together with the other management tools that we will implement, you can expect productivity growth up to:

* Empirical data gathered from Bulgarian companies in the period 2019-2020.



  • Business analysis
  • Process standardization
  • Efficiency optimization through implementation of Assignment sheets
  • Measurement and control of output
  • Daily performance monitoring
  • Capacity and load calculation
  • Analysis of the achieved results
  • Estimation of products’ cost price
  • Production plan optimization
Average productivity of companies in Bulgaria
Summarized data from 2019, gathered during business analysis before project kick-off
Start of a joint project and first steps to productivity increase
Process standardization, development of action plans, collaboration with the management team and employees on the worksite, conducting trainings and seminars
Implementation of our methodology for output growth
Daily monitoring, compile of procedures, cost optimization, initiation of remuneration package based on employee’s actual results, re-arrangement of work zones, establishment of better interaction between departments and related processes
Productivity rise on project completion
Sustaining the introduced tools for productivity increasing and continuous implementation of the established methodology for better efficiency and effectiveness in long term

When business challenges are beyond your power, we can be your ally

Our main advantage is the direct interaction and presence in the worksite.

We provide professional care and participation in the coordination of work process and assist the management team in taking effective management decisions.

Our target is to increase productivity by introducing good practices and establish stable and effective interaction between departments and related processes.

You need a solution?                                                          Pull us on your side!

Frequently asked questions:

  • How is it possible to increase productivity via Assignment sheets?
  • How can our managers be more efficient?
  • How can you improve our production planning?
  • How will you make our employees work more effectively?
  • How to calculate the correct cost-price of our products?
  • Do we have enough employees or are they too much?
  • Can we produce more with what we have?

What customers say about us

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"We do recommend each manufacturing company to show the same pro-activity as we did and carry out a project with HRV Pro Ltd. in order to increase its efficiency and effectiveness, and achieve the set goals thanks to their know-how."
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"Thanks to our daily teamwork, we achieved long-term sustainability and better interaction between workzones and processes, resulting in up to 10% productivity increase in the different departments."

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